25 Easy Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

Everyone knows that we can divide SEO into two parts, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO means all the SEO activities we do on website’s code and content. Off-page SEO contains backlinks and social signals. To boost website ranking in SERP’s we need to get high quality links from high authority websites. We know that how important is search engine’s organic traffic for our blog and getting high quality backlinks to blog is one of the best ways to improve your rankings. You can find some resources and ways to get quality backlinks to your blog.

Get High Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

Always Remember at the Time of Making Links

  • Keep quality of links and anchor text variation in your mind.
  • Not just homepage of the website but also build links to your internal pages.
  • Focus on relevance; make sure you build links from relevant blog.

So, these are some points which you should keep in mind when starting with quality backlink building campaign.

Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks:

  1. Guest Blogging to other Blogs: Guest blogging is the best way to get high quality links, it will help you to drive traffic to your web page as well as it help you to get backlinks.
  2. Do-follow Blog Comments: Comment on do follow blog posts but make sure these blogs are relevant to your own blogs. They might not carry too-much of link value, but it will still be beneficial for overall link-profile of your blog.
  3. Forum Posting:  Start relevant threads in forums and link to your blog posts, You can put a link to lour blog in your forum signatures but keep in mind that only high quality forums can help to improve ranking.
  4. Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is another way to build backlinks for your blog. Submit your blog posts to high quality social bookmarking websites. Try to making your blog posts go viral on top social bookmarking websites, this alone can bring you tons of quality backlinks from authority websites.
  5. Discussion Boards: Make use of discussion boards to build links by linking to your blog in threads. Quora is one of the best high quality discussion board. You can use of Quora to make links.Get High Quality Backlinks
  6. Questions & Answers Sites: Make use of relevant questions, answers website like Yahoo Answer. Give answer and put a backlink to your blog as source.
  7. Use Web 2.0 Websites: Make uses of web 2.0 website to promote your blog like Squidoo, Hubpage are good websites to start.
  8. Write High Quality Content: Write high quality content so that you can get strong quality backlinks. Write posts that have “the ultimate” or “51 ways to…” in the title and top list type of posts because people like this type of posts and it can go viral easily.
  9. Social Networking Websites: Use top social networking websites to share your blog’s links. Social networking websites helps to build backlinks to your blog. Some top social networking sites are: Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
  10. Blog Communities & Directories: Make use of blog communities to submit your blog links. Network with other bloggers in your niche it will help you to grow backlinks to your blog.  Submit your blog to top blogging directories as well as in top niche directories.
  11. Create Press Release: Create a news section on your blog and update news regularly in your niche. Create news about important information or write about latest and best product in your niche and post it to in your blog. It will help you get backlinks very fast.
  12. Convert Blog Post into Doc/PPT/PDF: Convert your best blog posts into PDF file, PPT Presentation and useful whitepaper and share this content to document sharing sites. You can convert your content into ebook and share these ebooks to free membership sites. Make sure you include a link to your blog in this type of content.
  13. Blogging Contest: Start a blogging contest on your blog it will help you to grow backlinks. Sponsoring a blogging contest is also helpful to get lot of backlinks. You can find other blogger’s contest and participate on contest you will most probably get links if you win.
  14. Product or Services Reviews: Compare different products in your niche and link to them they will most likely link to you. Search great products in your niche and give your review and you can give some tips to improving these products, product owner definitely give you a backlink.
  15. Create and Update Regularly: Create and update your blog regularly, this will help to engage people on your blog and it will also make you rank for more keywords. More keywords ranking means more traffic and backlinks.
  16. Be an Authority in Your Niche: Build yourself as an authority in your niche it helps to get attention from the media and other blogger. Take participate in events and seminars related to your niche and mention your blog while you introduce yourself, It will to build some quality backlinks.
  17. Use Images in Blog Post: Write some blog post with lot of images in it. Submit your images to image sharing social networking sites like Flickr and Pinterest and add backlink in the description of the image. It will drive traffic and backlinks to your blog.
  18. Create Tutorial Posts: Create a tutorial post in your niche and post it to your blog, this type of posts, get lots of backlinks. Write niche specific, unique and helpful tutorial which helps people to learn a topic.
  19. Connect With Other Blogger: Create a weekly or monthly link love post and link to other bloggers related to your niche; in return, they will do the same. Take interview of top bloggers in your niche and post it into your blog and ask them to share it on social networking website.
  20. Start a Survey: Start a survey on your blog and publish its results on you blog. Keep your survey helpful which educate the people. If people like it, you will definitely get lots of backlinks to your blog.
  21. Create Videos & Podcast Content: Create some viral videos and post these videos on yourtube and other video sharing websites and include a link in the video and its description. You can create some podcast and submit to podcast sharing sites like Itunes. It will help you to get traffic and backlinks also.
  22. Keep Your Eyes on Current Moment: Always keep your eyes on current moment it try to know that which stories are hot and trending. Write a blog post on these stories.
  23. Give Away Free Stuff: Create some free tools, Ebooks, and other helpful stuffs and offer free downloads on your blogs. Other blogger will link to your tool and other free stuffs.
  24. RSS Feed Syndicating: Syndicate your blog’s RSS feed to RSS directories it will help you to get some backlinks.
  25. Yahoo & Google Groups: Make use of groups to promote your blog. There is lots of groups website. Yahoo Groups and Google Groups are most popular.

I think this post will help you to build some high quality backlinks and grow your blog traffic. Always check website’s quality and its authority before getting a backlinks from that website.

About The Author:

Author of the blog post is a Digital Marketing Consultant at SoboThemes.com. SoboThemes.com is the leading Magento Develpment Company in the World and create best  Premium Magento Themes.

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